And that’s a wrap (from IBC 2017)

We came, we saw, we ate a lot of deep fried… stuff. Giant broadcast and video tradeshow IBC is over for another year – and the last video we shot was Matt and Erik picking over what they had seen.

Evolution not revolution

The Flowtech 75 – easy on the shoulder

IBC this year seemed to be more about showcasing development and evolution of existing product lines than launching New Stuff into the world.

So we had Sachtler and Vinten and their new take on the tripod, Arri’s vast new addition to the Skypanel range, and Atomos doing their bit to liven up the world of hardware convertors.

New cameras were thin on the ground

Erik has a go at 8K on Sony’s new UHC-8300.

And although the only really new camera launched was Sony’s 8K broadcast monster, we eventually saw footage from the Panasonic AU-EVA1 and were able to see what a rigged-up C200 might look like courtesy of Vocas.

One man band

But in heartening news one of the most popular products we posted about was a €30 set of plastic adapters to stop lav mics rustling. Sometimes it’s the simple things…

And finally…

Anyway we hope you’ve enjoyed our coverage of IBC this year – let us know how you think we can improve in the comments below. Be gentle though, we’re still nursing Bitterballen hangovers.

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