Vocas MFC-3 direct drive follow focus, C200 and EVA1 accessories – IBC 2017

The Vocas MFC-3 direct drive follow focus was one of a host of new products at the IBC show in Amsterdam, including accessories for the Canon C200 and Panasonic EVA1.

A new style of follow focus

The Vocas MFC-3 follow focus is totally different than most other follow focus systems currently on the market, as it has no transmission between the knob and the drive gear. The benefit of this design is that it makes the follow focus 100% playless. There are two new models which feature this design, the MFC-3 and the MFC-3F.

The unique feature of the MFC-3 is that the focus knob and drive gear consist of only one part, unlike traditional follow focus systems there is no transmission, instead it uses a direct drive. The direct drive means you are eliminating the internal gears so there is no difference in the motion going in and going out. The other benefit of this design is that the MFC-3 has a 1:1 transmission ratio which is ideal for stills lenses and smaller cameras with integrated lenses that have a short focus rotation.

Rig up your C200

Vocas were also showing some nice accessories for Canon’s new C200. They had a sliding baseplate, cheeseplate, top handle, and viewfinder bracket. The viewfinder bracket allows you to move the C200’s LCD screen further away from your face when using the camera on the shoulder. It is also a lot more robust and doesn’t move around like the stock bracket that comes on the C200.

Rig up your EVA1

For the soon-to-be-shipping EVA1, Vocas have a new LCD screen bracket as well as a handgrip relocator. The philosophy behind the EVA1 accessories was just to add a few items to improve the overall usability.

Add weight to your rig

Finally Vocas were also showing a direct 15mm rod 1kg weight which can be used on the back of cameras to help balance out the weight distribution.

Vocas direct drive follow focus, C200 and EVA1 accessories prices and availability

The MFC-3F follow focus is €535 and the MFC-3 follow focus is €475. The top handgrip kit for Canon C200 including cheeseplate and viewfinder adapter is €495, the viewfinder bracket for Canon EOS C200 kit is €325. USBP-15 MKII for Canon EOS C200 is €695. The cage kit for Canon EOS C200 is €355. The H-cheese plate for Panasonic AU-EVA1 is €155. The handgrip rosette adapter for Panasonic AU-EVA1 is €125. The 1kg weight for 15 mm rails is €150.

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