Atomos Connect: 15 different conversion, signal processing and system integration boxes – IBC 2017

The Atomos Connect converter range is a 15-strong lineup of different conversion, signal processing and system integration boxes that connect, convert, scale, sync, split and repeat your video signals. The convertors have been brightly coloured to help make finding the right one easier.

Atomos Connect


The Connect convertor range feature locking DC and HDMI connectors, optional USB power inputs and detachable mounting ears. Status is displayed on LEDs and can be configured using the free ConnectOS software.

Atomos say that that reliability, durability and easy integration were key criteria when designing the range. The company is offering a three year warranty on all the Connector convertors.

Add scopes to a regular screen

The standout feature of the Connect Convert TC and Connect Convert 4K models is the ability to add scopes and audio overlay to any connected display. Timecode, waveform and audio VU meters can be overlaid on the video signal by toggling a dip switch.

Atomos Connect
The full range is colour-coded so you can tell at a glance what boxes do what.

Each converter is color coded according to use: Blue for connect, red for convert, yellow for scale, green for sync, black for split and white for repeat.

In use

The slimline metal housings have removable mounting ears and are powered via locking DC power connectors for (included) AC adapters, or via USB. This means you can run them from cellphone power banks, or from the USB sockets of many modern monitors or TV sets. HDMI connections also have an included locking mechanism that screws into the unit and allows different sized connectors to be secured with a cable tie.

Atomos Connect
The Atomos Connect boxes are small enough to rig pretty much anywhere.

Setup is said to be straightforward with physical dip switches that allow rapid access to main settings. Atomos will also provide free ConnectOS software that allows full control of scaling and converting parameters from a PC via USB.

Price and availability

The Connect convertor HD converter line-up will ship from October, with the 4K models to ship by the end of 2017.

Prices start at $95 US, rising to $595 US for the 4K line (+local taxes).

From Atomos:

Integrate HDMI devices into a SDI world
If you need to simply convert the HDMI output from your mirrorless camera to SDI to go into a wireless transmitter or switcher, then the Connect Convert HDMI to SDI will do the task for you. If you want to integrate HDMI devices into a more professional broadcast system, then use the HDMI to SDI Convert unit with a built-in synchronizer. It is signal-referenced to provide a proper input to Switchers or Vision Mixers and provides an extremely cost-effective solution for systems integrators.

Extend your SDI over great distances
Long SDI cable runs are catered for with the Connect SDI repeater, which can be used on its own or combined with the Connect SDI Splitter for a one-to-many signal distribution using standard coax cable. Want to run a SDI cable longer than 400m from your camera channel to your OB truck? We have you covered with the Connect Convert Fiber SDI-to-Fiber and Fiber-to-SDI boxes. These stand-alone or integrated solutions will save a lot of money and time – a must in every Video Engineer’s tool kit.

Connect your Front of house computers
For Live Event and Pro AV users you can use Connect converters to get signal sources from the front of house to your video village. Your presentation PC or MAC can be easily output to a Vision Mixer.

Integrate legacy HD kit
Legacy HD products, such as tape decks and older cameras can be easily integrated into modern systems with the Connect Analogue to HDMI/SDI converters. Couple these with an Atomos recorder and you can easily archive content to ProRes or Avid DNxHD.

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