Hide-A-Mic: a simple solution for hiding microphones on your talent – IBC 2017

Hide-a-mic aims to help solve the age-old problem of hiding lapel microphones on your talent. We have all struggled with where to mount a microphone on clothing and how to do it. The Hide-a-mic solution looks to be brilliant in its simplicity.


One mic, four options

Hide-a-mic are sets of four different lapel microphone holders, each with its own specific use. There is a shirt-holder, bra-holder, t-shirt-holder and tie-holder.

Unlike a lot of other conventional microphone holders, Hide-a-mic holders are very easy to apply. You just pick the right holder, put it in place and you are ready to go.


The Hide-a-mic sets are available specifically for the Sanken COS11 and DBA Miniature series. They are designed to hold a microphone in place without having it rubbing or touching clothing fabric.


Hide-a-mic price and availability

A set with four different lapel microphone holders is €37.80 and you can buy them now from the Hide-a-mic website.

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