Sony UHC-8300 8K broadcast camera, Venice and VR – IBC 2017

The new Sony UHC-8300 is an 8K camera aimed at the broadcast market. It features three newly-developed 1.25″ sensors and the ability to record at up to 120fps.

Sony UHC-8300: Do we really need 8K?

Sony UHC-8300
Moody… The UHC-8300 and prototype NHK lens.

Sony say that 8K broadcasts are starting in Japan next year but a more compelling use case for all that resolution (at least for now) would be to crop in to show details for replays of sporting events. Even shooting for 4K you’ll have a decent punch in, and in HD the effect will be even more pronounced.

Sensors: Size isn’t everything (for broadcast)

For broadcast cameras like this you don’t actually want a huge sensor, in contrast to a lot of the new cameras we’ve been writing about lately. If you’re on the long end of a box lens trying to pick up action on a football pitch a large sensor would make chasing focus a lot harder. Hence the 1.25″ size of the UHC-8300’s sensor, which Sony describe as a good balance between sensor size and resolution.

The UHC-8300 is ready for HDR production, can make use of the BT2020 colour space and can shoot in S-Log3 for Hybrid Log Gamma workflows.

The camera uses a new lens mount and can be seen in the video above connected to a prototype lens from NHK. Canon and Fujinon lens options are expected shortly too.

Sensors: Bigger is better (for cinema)

Sony Venice
The Sony Venice packs a full frame camera into an F55-sized package

This is the first time Sony have shown their new Venice, sorry, VENICE, cine camera publicly in Europe after the press launch last week. In the metal the most striking thing about it is the small size of the camera, which offers an F55-sized body but with full frame capability.


Sony RX0 VR rig
Looking a bit like a very expensive dandelion, this is Sony’s RX0 VR capture rig.

Sony are also experimenting with broadcast tech for VR production. For acquisition they were showing off a VR rig featuring their recently announced RX0 action camera. More ambitious are their plans for live VR broadcast, and they have already used an F55 fitted with a 180° lens to show the Champions League Final live in VR to Sky Germany viewers.

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