Sony FR7 firmware update & what exactly is the 709tone Base look?

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Sony has officially announced a free firmware update for its FR7 full-frame pan-tilt-zoom camera. New features include Free-d protocol support for VR/AR systems, 3rd party lens controller compatibility, and the 709tone Base look for pro color/gamma settings.

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What is slightly odd is that this firmware update is stated as having being released on the 28th November last year.

Now, I am not quite sure what the 709tone Base look exactly is and Sony doesn’t provide any direct documentation describing exactly what it is or what it is designed to do.

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What I did find is a reference to 709 Tone/Color in a Japanese technical document that was discussing S-Gamut and S-Log2/S-Log3. To me it looks like the new 709tone Base is probably very similar to the old LC-709 look profile that you could use in the F5/F55.

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Just to be crystal clear, the 709tone Base is a picture profile just like S-Cinetone. It is a standard Rec.709 picture profile that you record when you want a baked in look. It isn’t a LUT and you can’t use it when shooting S-Log3.

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The LC-709, LC-709TypeA look profiles were designed to provide low contrast with broadcast color. That is what I believe the 709tone Base is similar to as they are more suited to broadcast environments. S-Cinetone is a higher contrast picture profile just like previous Cine+709.

Firmware Benefits & Improvements

  • Adds free-d protocol support for VR/AR systems
  • Adds support for 3rd party lens controllers to operate manual zoom lenses
  • Adds support for Zoom Sync (Synchronized transition of pan/tilt/zoom) when restoring a preset position
  • Adds support for adjustable Zoom/Focus speeds when restoring a preset position
  • Adds support for the Stop function from the Web App when restoring a preset position
  • Adds support for the PTZ trace function to the record/playback framing operation when restoring a preset position
  • Adds the base look 709tone which makes it easier to set the color/gamma profile to professional cameras
  • Adds the following support for shutter control:
    • Remote Control Panel: RCP-1500/1501, RCP-1530, RCP-3100, RCP-3500/3501
    • Master setup unit: MSU-1000, MSU-1500, MSU-3000, MSU-3500
    • Camera Remote Control Software: HZC-RCP5, HZC-CSM10
  • Adds support for Movie file names in the Camera ID + Reel# format
  • Adds supports for Flexible ISO and Cine EI Quick in shooting mode:
    • Allows you to record S-Log3 content with exposure settings by adjusting ISO sensitivity
    • Allows you to record at a base ISO setting the same as Cine EI, with the base ISO adjusted automatically in conjunction with EI value
  • When the shooting mode is set to Flexible ISOCine EI, or Cine EI Quick, adds support for recording a 3D LUT file to the same memory card with the base look used during shooting as the shooting data, at the same time
  • Adds more AF frame rates during Slow & Quick Motion
  • Adds support for RTMP/RTMPS protocols
  • Improves the operational stability of the camera

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