DULENS Prototype T1.9 Cine Primes at NAB 2023

DULENS was showcasing a new prototype series of fast, T1.9 full frame cine prime lenses at NAB 2023, While there currently isn’t a lot of information about them we did manage to find out quite a lot from DULENS at the show.

Dulens 658

The lenses will be designed to match the look of the APO Mini Vintage Series primes and they will feature 9 aperture blades. What is interesting is that DULENS is making two versions of the lenses and one will feature an old-style triangle bokeh that is reminiscent of the old ZEISS B-Speed series.

Dulens 661

The focal ranges will be from 25mm up to 100mm. The lens set will consist of:

  • 25mm T1.9
  • 35mm T1.9
  • 50mm T1.9
  • 75mm T1.9
  • 100mm T1.9
Dulens 655

The lenses will come natively in PL mount, but they do also come with a user-interchangeable Canon EF mount.

The lens will be coming out in around 6 months’ time and DULENS hinted that they will retail for somewhere between $2,000-3,000 USD each.

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