dedolight optics for Prolycht RGBACL lights

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Prolycht Lighting and dedolight have come up with a complete line of optical accessories for the Orion 675 FS and Orion 300 FS RGBACL spotlights.

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I have previously reviewed the Orion 300 FS and Orion 675 FS on the site. Be sure to check out those reviews if you want to know more about the fixtures and how they perform.

Prolycht already makes its own fresnel lenses, diffusers, and other modifiers for the Orion LED lights, but the addition of dedolight’s optics only helps to further increase their versatility.

The combination of dedolight lenses and Prolycht RGBACL lighting are especially useful for virtual production.

DP 400 projector

The dedolight DP400 projection system is known worldwide for its sharp and contrasty optics. Not only is it bright, but it offers even transmission from center to edge and has virtually no color fringing. There are five lenses in the system (70mm, 100mm, 150mm, 185mm, 230mm) and the three middle lenses tend to be the most popular. The 100mm, 150mm and 185mm are also the lowest size and weight and the most economical.


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There are two projector assemblies available, the DP400KU150-P and the DP400KU-WA100P. The DP400KU-WA100R is optimized for the wider 100mm and below lenses. With the 100mm optic the DP400KU-WA100P. delivers a beam angle of 34.4 degrees.

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The DP400KU150-P is optimized for longer focal-length lenses. With the 150mm the DP400KU150-P delivers a beam angle of 21 degrees and the 185mm delivers an even tighter beam angle of 17 degrees.

The DP400 projectors have several accessory attachments available, including a 4-way framing shutter, an adjustable iris, and a standard A-sized gobo holder. For owners of existing DP400 projectors, adapter housings with new optics can be purchased to replace the original rear section of the projector assemblies. This allows them to fit and be optimized for the Prolycht Orion lights.

Zoom & Parallel Beam Adapter

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The DZOOM-P is a large 4x zoom lens designed to transmit an intense beam across a small area. It is ideal for reflecting off Lightstream or Lightbridge panels or pushing into diffusion frames. On the Orion 300 FS the beam angle of the ZOOM-BP is 8.5-36 degrees and can reach 81,000 lux (2m@5600K). On the Orion 675 FS the beam range is 6.9-33 degrees and can reach a claimed figure of 99,000 lux (2m@5600K).

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If the high intensity of the DZOOM-P isn’t required and a more portable and economical solution is preferred, the DPBA-14-P Parallel Beam Adapter is a compact and lightweight solution. It has a 17-degree beam on the Orion 300 FS with a claimed output of 40,500 lux (2m@5600K). On the Orion 675 FS it has a 14-degree beam with a claimed output of 60,500 lux (2m@5600K). Both the ZOOM-BP and the DPBA-14-B have removable honeycomb accessory fronts available to block light spill.

Wide Angle Adapter

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The DLWAR-400-P is a wide angle lens that expands the native beam of the Orion 300 FS to 80 degrees which allows it to match the native beam angle of the Orion 675 FS. It includes 4-way barndoors featuring delights unique multi-axis pivoting hinges. For owners of existing dedolight DLWA400R wide angle adapters, a rear adapter mount (DLWAR400-AP) is available to convert for use with the Prolycht Orion 300 FS.

The new dedolight optics for spreading and narrowing the light beams efficiently, plus a new optimized version of the renowned dedolight DP400 projection system, are all now available to order. They are expected to start shipping at the end of the month. What is also nice, is that owners of some current dedolight DP400 optics can purchase adapters to use them on the Orion lights. All of the new dedolight optics for Prolycht feature Bowens mounts to fit directly to the Orion lights while allowing quick changes in the field with no tools required.

Pricing & Availability

Here is the pricing:

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