Tiffen Black Fog & Night Fog Filters

Tiffen has introduced two new diffusion effects filters. The Black Fog and Night Fog filters were designed to provide a soft highlight glow reminiscent of the classic double fog cinematic look.

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Tiffen Black Fog filters provide an overall atmospheric softening that creates a smooth wide flare from the highlights yet keeps the blacks, black without overly muting colors or losing detail in shadows. This more subtle effect can be used to add an overall look to a project.

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Night Fog filters yield a natural fog effect with overall atmospheric softening and wide flare, coupled with unique contrast reduction technology that reduces highlights without darkening shadows. In light grades, it provides a beautiful new look. In strong grades, it flattens the contrast and desaturates color so it is useful for day-for-night.

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The new filters have been used in real production conditions by cinematographers around the globe. Recently the Black Fog filters were used on Bridgerton Season 3. Because the series was often shot in historical locations that had priceless artwork, the crew was not able to use atmosphere in the air. To achieve a similar look they used using Tiffen Black Fog Filters.

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Black Fog and Night Fog filters are crafted in the USA with Water White glass. To promote long life, Tiffen filters are manufactured using the exclusive Colorcore Technology process that laminates the filter substrate between two pieces of optical glass, then grinds and polishes them to a precise tolerance of 1/10,000th of an inch flatness.

Each filter type comes in standard sizes (4×4, 6.6×6.6, 4×5.65, 138mm) with a choice of 1/8, ¼, ½, 1, or 2, densities. Special sizes and strengths are available upon request.

Price & Availability

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The Black Fog Filters are now available to purchase from $350 USD to $735 USD depending on the filter size.

The Nigh Fog filters are also $350 USD to $735 USD depending on the filter size.

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