InnerSpace Cases

At Interbee 2022 we caught up with InnerSpace Cases to find out about the custom case solutions that they offer and what makes them stand out from other competitors.

IMG 2063

InnerSpace Cases has been around for more than 100 years and they offer very customized case solutions for a range of film and video equipment.

Each case they make is made to order and you can choose from nine standard colors or you can choose a custom color if you prefer.

IMG 2062

Customers can also choose from their choice of flip or twist steel riveted ATA-approved recessed latches. There are also options for a lid foam logo that is laser engraved, and engraved plates.

IMG 2064

What impressed me is that InnerSpace Cases comes up with camera case solutions where you can fit a camera in a cage with its accessories. Too often camera cases are designed so that once you attach a cage or other accessories it will no longer fit. At the booth, they were showing a camera case solution for the Sony VENICE where you can fit the camera with numerous third-party brand cages. InnerSpace Cases measured the VENICE with a wide array of available cages and then came up with a solution so that all of them will fit.

IMG 2065

In another nice touch, the laser cut-out foam in the camera cases is carpeted so it won’t break and tear the foam everytime you pull your camera out.

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