Tilta Mini Articulating Arm

TA MAA main2 legacy2 2048x1154 1

Tilta has a new mini articulating arm with several mounting options available. The Mini Articulating Arm retails for $29 USD.

Mounting Options


The arm has several unique mounting options, including a 15mm/19mm rod clamp, Rosette mount, and 1/4″ 20 threads with ARRI-style locating pins. The pins retract if your device only has the 1/4″-20 taps.

Flexible Adjustments

Screen Shot 2022 10 14 at 7 34 34 AM

I have a few iterations of this style arm, and I like them. One feature of the Tilta version is the extra flexibility of going to the side. This makes it much more adjustable without having to reposition the clamp.


Screen Shot 2022 10 14 at 7 45 12 AM

The new mounts are not available yet however, the Articulating Arm with 1/4″-20 is shipping and retails for $29.

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