Sony PMV-X Series Professional Monitors Version 4.0 Firmware Update

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Sony has released a Version 4.0 firmware update for its PMV-X Series of Professional Monitors. New features include closed caption support, support for new upgrade licenses, enhanced monitor output improvements, in monitor display, grid display, chroma up, and parallel remote.

This free update is available for the 18″, 24″, and 32″ PVM-X 4K HDR monitors.

Version 4.0 firmware

  • Closed captioning support
  • HD-SDI input
  • EIA/CEA-708: Service 1 to 6 and EIA/CEA-608 (CC1 to 4 and TEXT1 to 4) over EIA/CEA-708
  • Support for 720/60P and 1080/60i over HD-SDI
  • Support for audio and timecode output via the Enhanced Monitor Output (with PVML upgrade license)
  • In Monitor Display (IMD)
  • Grid Display
  • Chroma Up to assist in camera setup
  • Parallel Remote

New upgrade license configurations


  • 4K-HD down convert
  • 1080P to 1080i conversion
  • Processed output from EMO


  • LUT Processed output from EMO

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