CAME-TV Perseus Bi-Color 55W Travel Lights

CAME-TV has announced the Perseus Bi-Color 55W Travel Lights. These lights feature a unique yoke that allowing them to fold flat so that the panels are easy to stack on top of each other.

Being able to stack two or three lights that can be run via flight-safe batteries together inside a relatively compact Pelican case makes a lot of sense if you travel a lot and operate as a one-man-band or part of a small crew.

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The Perseus Bi-Color 55W Travel Lights are compact-sized, soft panel fixtures. with built-in V-mount battery plates. They are essentially Bi-Color versions of the CAME-TV Boltzen Perseus RGBDT 55W SMD Soft Travel Lights.

DSC01706 2

CAME-TV offers a few different kits, including one with a foam pack that fits into Pelican 1510 and 1535 hard cases.

As the name suggests, the Perseus Bi-Color 55W Travel Lights draw 55W and CAME-TV claims that they can output 6223lx @1m. They are Kelvin color adjustable from 2000K-10,000K and they feature 6 different special effects modes.

The lights can be controlled via their onboard controls, through a remote control, or via an App.

Screen Shot 2021 08 02 at 16 54 09

Price & Availability

The Perseus Bi-Color 55W Travel Lights are available for the following prices:


CAME-TV has been releasing a ton of lighting kits recently and I wish more companies would do the same. Having lighting kits that are compact and easy to travel with makes a lot of sense. The Perseus Bi-Color 55W Travel Lights look to be very interesting and hopefully, I can get hold of one shortly to see how they actually perform.

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