Freefly Wave Update

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The Freefly Wave high-speed camera was recently announced and the initial batches that were made available sold out within hours.

Freefly has released an update about the Wave, when the current batches will ship, and when more will become available.

According to Freefly, they were expecting modest excitement about the Wave as they originally anticipated it would only be of interest to those people wanting to use it for specific scientific and industrial applications. It turns out that was far from the case, and the original 3 batches sold out very quickly.

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If you are not familiar with the Freefly Wave, it is a compact S35 digital cinema camera that features a global shutter and a locking E-mount. It can shoot 4K at up to 420fps, and 2K up to 1,440fps.

A quick reminder on batches that are already sold out:

Batch 1

  • 20 Units (sold out)
  • Shipping starts 11/18/2020

Batch 2

  • 30 Units (sold out)
  • Shipping starts 12/1/2020

Batch 3

  • 50 units (sold out)
  • Shipping starts 2/15/2021

You can now reserve Batch 4

Freefly has opened up reservations for Batch 4. Freefly will be shipping these first come first serve as soon as they are ready. You can reserve your Wave here right now if you like, with no deposit or payment due until it’s ready to ship.  


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A small number of rentals will be available in late November. Freefly will send a follow-up message to anyone that has contacted them about rentals, once these are available.

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