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Irix Cine lenses now available in Canon RF, Nikon Z & L-mounts

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The Irix Cine lenses are now available in Canon RF, Nikon Z, and L-mount. These new mount options expand the Irix Cine lenses’ ability to be used on mirrorless cameras without the need for adapters.

The Irix Cine lenses are also available in Sony E, Canon EF, ARRI PL, and MFT mounts.

Irix Cine lenses for Canon RF, Nikon Z and L mounts

The Irix Cine lens range currently consists of:

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Irix is a little bit like Laowa in some ways. Both companies are producing non-traditional cine lenses. If you look at the Irix set, it is a bit of a strange mix of focal lengths. Despite having similar weights and uniform position of the focus and aperture rings, the aperture values are all over the place. In saying that, these are very affordable options if you are looking at cine lenses but don’t have a lot of money to spend.

I personally wouldn’t be buying a cine lens in Nikon Z or Panasonic/Leica L-mount. It makes far more sense to buy one of these lenses in PL mount because then you can use it through an adapter on almost any camera system. Buying a cine lens for a lens mount that has no adaptability is not a great move.

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