Sony announces the SRG-XP1 & SRG-XB25 cameras

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Sony has just announced the SRG-XP1 & SRG-XB25 cameras. Now, before you get too excited, these are not new digital cinema cameras or new alpha mirrorless models.

The SRG-XP1 (POV) and SRG-XB25 (BOX) 4K 60p cameras are part of Sony’s remote camera lineup.

The cameras are primarily designed for remote communication, monitoring and content production in a wide range of markets such as corporate, education, healthcare, live broadcast, and ore.

Each camera has a wide-angle lens or optical zoom which makes them a good choice deal for hard-to-access sites where there is no space for a full-size camera and dedicated camera operator.

How are image distribution & camera control done?

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Image distribution and camera control with the SRG-XP1 and SRG-XB25 is quite a simple process as both cameras have NDI|HX capability via optional licenses and support full IP-based operation. There is only one network cable needed for the power supply. Real-Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) and Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) also support the recording and distribution of video and audio.

Camera Optics

The SRG-XP1 POV camera can capture over 100-degree wide horizontal viewing angles. Its compact lightweight design makes it particularly useful for reality shows, and in e-sports and remote settings. The SRG-XB25 BOX camera is equally useful for large spaces thanks to its 25x optical zoom. This makes it a good solution for capturing footage from events, lectures, seminars, and Houses of Worship (HoW).

What can they do?

Remote shooting and high-quality, engaging real-time content can be produced and streamed with ease when using the cameras with AI-based Edge Analytics Appliance REA-C1000. With Chroma key-less CG Overlay the SRG-XP1 can create video content in confined spaces. This function can even remove the presenter and overlay them onto any background, without the need for a dedicated backscreen or specialist training.

Similarly, the SRG-XB25 can use the REA-C1000 powerful zoom alongside the Handwriting Extraction feature so remote viewers of a presentation can see see written content and diagrams clearly alongside the presenter simultaneously.

“At the moment, the world is witnessing and adapting to drastic changes in the way we work and learn. Such circumstances have created a pressing demand for efficient remote communication and content production that multiple users can access anytime, anywhere with peace of mind. That trend is also driving the need to create and distribute high-quality video content quickly and in an efficient manner.”

Bruce Tanaka, General Manager of Imaging & Analytics Business Dept., Sony Imaging Products & Solutions Inc.

Where are cameras like this currently being used?


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Sony remote cameras also target the broadcast industry, allowing integration to existing broadcast infrastructures with a wide range of interface and remote-control options. In particular, the BRC series cameras are widely used for live events including sports and music concerts, to capture and stream the action. Users can stitch together angles – capturing the entire scene.


The Sony SRG series is currently used in established healthcare facilities to remotely monitor patients and equipment. The cameras also capture, manage and distribute footage of clinical procedures live from operating and treatment rooms to lecture halls in tertiary institutions for training and education purposes. A good example of this is the Madrid-based medical integrator Med&Home that selected the SRG-300H and SRG-300SE IP cameras to power its ‘viewLAB’ integrated video solution for nine operating rooms and interventional labs across Spain.


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The cameras enhance teaching and collaborative learning through live streaming, connecting students and lecturers in real-time across different campuses and with other colleges. 4K clarity also contributes to today’s increasing demand for interactive discussions, streaming and recording lectures and classroom presentations for both live and future use.

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