Atomos Shogun 7– 10 Year Anniversary Special Offer

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To help celebrate its 10 year anniversary, Atomos is offering a limited-time promotion on their Shogun 7 monitor/recorder.

For the next month, if you purchase a Shogun 7 HDR monitor-recorder-switcher you can get one of these two items for free:

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OFFER ONE: Shinobi SDI can act as a preview monitor for the live output whilst switching, or as the camera operators view finder when the Shogun 7 is mounted on the side or rear of a larger cinema camera set-up (a common configuration when a producer/directors also need to see what is going on). The Shinobi SDI retails for $399 USD.

OFFER 2: Angelbird AtomX SSDmini 500GB + Shogun 7 Sunhood Claim a free Angelbird AtomX SSDmini 500GB which allows up 5.7Kp30 or 4Kp60 ProRes RAW HQ recording, as well as a free Shogun 7 Sunhood that allows for optimal viewing in almost any environment. The Angelbird AtomX SSDmini 500Gb retails for $199 USD, and the Shogun 7 sunhood retails for $129 USD.

To claim the free offer you will need to complete a redemption form. The offer is valid from March 13, 2020 until April 17, 2020. All claims must be submitted by May 5, 2020.

If you have already purchased a Shogun 7 between the dates above and would like to claim the special offer, please complete the Shogun 7 Special Offer redemption form.

This is a pretty good promotion, but it might have also been nice to see Atomos also just drop the price of the Shogun 7 instead for a limited time. It would have made full a compelling option to be able to purchase it for say $899 USD, instead of $1,299 USD.

Shogun 7

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The Shogun 7 is a 7” HDR monitor and ProRes RAW/ProRes recorder, capable of capturing up to 5.7K RAW and 2Kp240 high-framerate recording from selected cameras. The Shogun 7 is also the first portable 7” monitor-recorder to offer live switching and quad-ISO recording. You can record up to four live HD streams plus the switched output as a fifth stream.

I reviewed the Shogun 7 and you can see that review here.

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