Xeen CF Cine lenses

Xeen has officially announced their new CF cine lenses just ahead of IBC 2019.

Bill Bennett ASC and Steve Gainer ASC have been testing out the new Xeen CF Cine lenses.

Xeen CF

The Xeen CF series is based around the current Rokinon Xeen prime lenses. According to Bill, the CF series are lighter and smaller. The barrel construction uses some carbon fiber, hence the name CF.

Screen Shot 2019 09 13 at 8 09 29 AM

Bill and Steve tested the CF series lenses on an ARRI ALEXA LF capturing ArriRaw 4.5K, as well as shooting in 6K on a Sony Venice.

The biggest difference is when it comes to coatings on the lens. While the original Xeen primes were multi-coated, the new CF series features different coatings. Just what is different about these coatings is still unknown.

The new Xeen CF PL mount lenses will come in the following focal lengths.

(16mm & 35mm will be released in early 2020)

Xeen CF

By applying carbon fiber, which is lighter than metal but solid and beautiful, to the lens body tube, the lenses remain lightweight while maintaining durability.

They are designed to be small and light so it can be mounted on numerous cameras and used more flexibly in a variety of environments.

Xeen CF

The Xeen CF lenses have luminous barrel markings so they can be seen clearly at night or when working in dark conditions.

More than three years ago we compared the Xeen Cine lenses against Zeiss CP.2 and Sony Cinealta Prime lenses.

The biggest complaints from some owners of the current Xeen Cine primes is that while they are very sharp, they did produce a fair amount of CA when used wide open, and there was quite a variation in lens consistency. Other users of the lenses also complained about a green cast.

Screen Shot 2019 07 29 at 8 35 43 AM

The Xeens still offer excellent value for money, and they continue to be a good alternative to more expensive offerings that are on the market. At $13,899 USD for a set of 7 lenses, or $1,995 USD each, you would be hard-pressed to find a more affordable, full-frame PL mount cinema lens.

Xeen CF

The lenses will be available in PL, Sony E, and Canon EF mounts.

Price & Availability

The lenses are available to pre-order for $2,495 USD each. They are expected to be available in November.


Xeen CF

Do you own or use current Rokinon Xeen lenses? How have you found them? Let us know in the comments section below.

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