The new Insta360 GO, a camera as small as your thumb

The Insta360 GO has just been announced, a tiny camera that only weighs 18.3 grams (0.65 oz) and is designed to record moments up to 30 seconds in length.

Front view

The Insta360 GO is designed as a wearable camera, stabilised with FlowState (6-axis gyroscopic stabilization) and a host of AI features. Pressing the button records a clip up to 30 seconds, pressing a second time stop sit.

The GO uses what Insta360 is calling FlashCut auto-editing which uses AI to find your best shots, combine them and place them into an edit, taking the hassle out of editing clips together and speeding up the process of publishing.

Sport Running Easy Clip

The camera has 8GB of built-in storage and the clips are either transferred wirelessly via the app, plugging into an iOS device via the Lightning connector or via a Type-C USB OTG cable for Android devices. The GO camera itself does not have a USB port, you have to put it into the case, and then connect the case via a Type-C cable.

The camera has a magnetic body to be mounted in various places, as well as a number of different accessories like a clip, tag or even a pendant.


The GO is IPX4 water-resistant, so it will handle splashes, rain, and submersion in water for up to 10 seconds.


As for power, it has a built-in battery with an approximate life of 200 clips. To charge the battery, you have to plug it into the Charge Case, similar to Apple’s Airpods or other wireless buds which use a charging case. The case can provide about 2.5 charges. Charging the GO takes approximately 20 minutes and charging the case approximately 1 hour.

The GO has an f/2.1 max aperture and has some interesting recording formats.

The footage is captured at a higher resolution in a square 1:1 aspect but is cropped for export via the app at 1080.

Video Resolutions

Standard: 2720×[email protected](Captured)/[email protected] (Exported via app),
Interval Shooting: 2720×[email protected](Captured)/[email protected] (Exported via app),
Timelapse: 3040×[email protected](Captured)/[email protected] (Exported via app),
Hyperlapse: 2720×[email protected](Captured)/[email protected] (Exported via app),
Slow Motion: 1600×[email protected] (Captured) /1600×[email protected] (Exported via app)

Video Bitrates

Standard: 40Mbps,
Interval Shooting: [email protected] 40Mbps
Timelapse: 6x 40Mbps
Hyperlapse: 40Mbps
Slow Motion: 1600x900p100 40Mbps

The Insta360 GO retails for $199.99 USD and is now shipping. It comes bundled with the Charge Case, Magnet Pendant, Pivot Stand, Easy Clip and Sticky Base.

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