Rayzr MC 400 MAX

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The Rayzr MC 400 MAX has just been announced. It is a high output, thin, compact and lightweight RGBWW LED light.

Rayzr MC 400 MAX

The 400W LED light uses 8 ultra-silent active cooling fans to keep 400W of power in a cool and controlled environment for long term stability. Rayzr claims that the RGBWW LEDs provide perfect color reproduction in white light and throughout the whole color spectrum for realistic lighting.

The MC 400 MAX is the 4th light in the series

The MC 400 MAX joins the MC 100, MC 120, and MC 200 in the Rayzr RGBWW series. I previously reviewed the MC 120 and MC 200 on the site and found that both fixtures performed well and offered very good value for money.

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The Rayzr MC 400 Max has the same dimensions as the MC 200 but has double the output. I reviewed the Rayzr MC 200 earlier in the year and when used at 5600K it had an output of 4410 lx (409 fc). This was higher than the claimed output of 4171lx. The MC 200 produced a Kelvin color temperature of 5540K. The light had a CC Index score of 0.6M.

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Rayzr claims that that the MC 400 MAX is capable of putting out 10068 lx at a distance of 1 meter. when used at 5600K. An output of 10068 lx is pretty impressive for an RGBWW LED light that has a built-in diffusion panel.

Rayzr MC 400 MAX

The MC 400 MAX weighs in at just 4.6kg and is 93mm (3.66 inches) thick.

Rayzr MC 400 MAX

You can power the MC 400 MAX off mains power or with two standard 14.4V V-Mount batteries via the built-in V-mount battery plates at full brightness.

Rayzr MC 400 MAX

Just like the other available Razyr MC lights, the 400 MAX is Kelvin color adjustable from 2400K to 9900K. There is also ±Green / Magenta adjustment.

There is also a digital Gel library that consists of more than 300 widely used filters.

The MC 400 MAX uses Source Match which allows you to save time in post fixing non-matching lights. As the fixture uses RGBWW LEDs you can enter the x/y coordinates you measure to bring consistency to your lighting.

Rayzr MC 400 MAX

The MC series also comes with a wide range of built-in adjustable lighting effects such as Party, Candle, Club, Cop Car, Fire, Fireworks, Light strobe, Lightning and Television.

Rayzr MC 400 MAX

The fixture has WiFi and DMX built-in.

Price & Availability

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The Rayzr 400 MAX will retail for €1799, but currently, you can buy it for €1599. This introduction special is valid from 29.04.2019 until 27.05.2019.

At the moment you can only directly order from Rayzr, but B&H should be selling the MC 400 MAX soon. B&H already sells the MC 200, MC 100, and MC 120.

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