K-Tek Stingray HeatBlock transmitter pouches and HeatBlock Pieces

K-Tek has a new way to protect talent from heat produced by wireless microphone transmitters worn on set. This comes in the form of the K-Tek Stingray HeatBlock transmitter pouches and HeatBlock Pieces.

Wireless microphone transmitters have increasingly gotten smaller and smaller, but this reduction in size has come at a cost – more heat.  With most wireless transmitters being worn on the body  K-Tek designed HeatBlock transmitter pouches and handy swatches of the same fabric, to try and counteract this problem.

To be honest I never really thought about heat coming from a wireless transmitter potentially being a problem for talent, but some radio mics do get quite hot. If you have a wireless transmitter strapped under someone’s shirt for a long period of time it can become quite uncomfortable and warm. Often I use an elastic strap that I place my wireless transmitter in and then hide underneath the talent. This places the transmitter even closer to the skin and is definitely a situation where a product like the HeatBlock transmitter pouch could be very useful.

K-Tek did a lot of research and field devised and came up with a patented, heat resistant material that is both soft to the touch, and flexible enough to comfortably be worn against the body. The three-layer material is specifically engineered to withstand a continuous temperature of up to 240°C (464F°).

The company claims that the HeatBlock material is soft and comfortable to wear against the skin.  A series of three pouches, Mini, Small, and Medium are available. These three sizes of Stingray HeatBlock Pouches fit most popular microphone transmitters, including the Zax ZMT and the Lectro SSM, SMV and SMQV models. Fabricated without protrusions or sharp corners, they can be used with or without transmitter clips.

The Stingray HeatBlock Pouches will retail for $30 USD each. The Heatblock Pieces are sized to correspond with the pouches and come in a set of six with two of each size and are also available for $30 USD.

Have you ever had talent complain about the heat generated from a wireless transmitter? Would you use a product like this? Let us know in the comments section below.

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