Newsshooter’s Best Of Show Awards NAB 2017

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Amongst all the products we saw at NAB 2017 there were a few that stood out. In our on going tradition of giving out Best Of Show Awards, here are this years winners in the following categories: Best Optical Product, Most Innovative Product, Best Lighting Product, Best News Gathering Product, Best Audio Product, Best Camera Accessory, and Best Camera Motion Product.

Best Optical Product

We loved the look and feel of the Orion lenses, both the housings and the vision they enable. We’re also excited that Atlas Lens Co. are helping more people get into anamorphic shooting.
Atlas Lens Co. Orion 2x Anamorphic lenses
Atlas Anamorphic Lenses at NAB 2017

Most Innovative Product

Chimera’s new active diffusion looks like it could end up on a wide variety of fixtures, from ENG LEDs to rig mounted fresnels in studios and even theatres.
Chimera active diffusion panels
Chimera Active Diffusion at NAB 2017

Best Lighting Product

LED lighting has come on so far so fast, and now Aputure are taking aim at lighting staples like the Joker – using LEDs to make them more portable and less power hungry. The COB 300d looks like a lot of output for a very reasonable price.

Aputure COB 300d LED light
Aputure Lighting at NAB 2017

Best News Gathering Product

Seeing the speed and accuracy at which Digital Anarchy’s software can transcribe spoken English was incredibly impressive – and we’re convinced it will be a very useful tool for anyone working on interviews cut to a deadline.

Digital Anarchy Transcriptive automatic transcription plugin
Digital Anarchy at NAB 2017

Best Audio Product

There was no real question about this award – all the members of the team who saw a MixPre device wanted one. Multifunction and built to last, these look like a great option for anyone looking to up their sound game.

Sound Devices MixPre series
Sound Devices MixPre at NAB 2017

Best Camera Accessory

Matt was blown away when he found these batteries on the Bright Tangerine booth – long lasting and extraordinarily quick to charge.

HyperCharge Batteries at NAB 2017

Best Camera Motion Product

We’ve all seen lots of sliders, but none as compact as this one from iFootage. It manages to remain robust and smooth despite packing down to fit into a backpack.

iFootage Shark Slider Mini modular slider
iFootage Shark Slider at NAB 2017

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