iFootage Shark Slider Mini modular slider – NAB 2017

The iFootage Shark Slider Mini is the smaller version of the company’s Shark Slider (well, yes), designed to pack down for travel. The track is modular, and clips together without needing a belt for the slider to function. Instead the carriage travels along a toothed track.

iFootage Shark Slider Mini
The iFootage Shark Slider Mini track quick release system

Each one foot section of track has a quick release system, so (provided you have enough sections) you can build a custom length depending on how much you need. And although it’s designed to be compact, iFootage have apparently tested it out to 40′ to film a jumbo jet.

Toolless assembly and accessories

iFootage Shark Slider Mini
The flywheel can be added without tools.

The entire system is toolless, so you can pop a flywheel on to add inertia to your slide or add motion control with a minimum of setup time. The end stops are also toolless.

The plate on the carriage tilts 45° so you can get a bit creative with the angle of your slide.

Integrated motion control, smooth sliding

The motion control module is controlled via an iOS app, which has modes for timelapse, parallax, panoramas and photo stitching. An Android version of the app is apparently coming soon.

iFootage Shark Slider Mini
Despite the modularity, the slider carriage moves smoothly along the track.

We haven’t tested the system out properly but from a quick play on the show floor the slide does seem to be nice and smooth, without the bumps you might expect over the seams where the sections of track meet.

Payload and carrying options

The slider will take a payload of 10kg in a ‘short length’ and up to 8kg in longer sections – a bit unclear as to what that means practically, but in any case it’s really designed with smaller camera packages in mind – think a7S rather than FS7.

iFootage Shark Slider Mini
The basic kit with one section of track is very compact.

Finally, there’s a soft bag or a hard case that will carry your camera, the moco head as well as a couple of sections of track.

iFootage Shark Slider Mini: Price

There are several options to choose from, starting with an entry level package that includes a single length of track with no motion control, for $399 US. A manual two-track kit will cost $499 US. Adding the three-axis motion control bumps the price to $1,199 US, also available with a soft backpack for $1,299 US or a hard shell backpack for $1,399 US. Extra track is also available to buy for $99 US per foot long section.





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