Aputure COB 300d LED light: 2K for under $1k – NAB 2017

The Aputure COB 300d LED light is a more powerful version of the company’s COB 120d, increasing output by more than 3x over the previous model. Aputure’s goal in designing the fixture was to be able to replace an 800 Joker with a unit that provides similar amounts of illumination but draws a lot less power.

Chips: now on board

The light makes use of Chip On Board technology to more accurately replicate a single point source light. In practical terms this means the light casts one shadow instead of the multiple shadows you typically get with the banks of LEDs on panel lights.

There’s now a magenta filter that adds a touch of correction to the COB’s light, and tweaks the fixture’s TLCI score up to (a claimed) 98.

Power draw and battery options

The light draws a considerable amount of power for an LED fixture – 300W. And although you can run it off batteries, you’ll need two and they’ll have to be high current ones – at least 11A each. Having said that, if you do need to run them off the mains you can plug in up to six to a typical domestic electric system.

We haven’t measured the output or colour accuracy of the Aputure COB 300d, but the company claim it’s comparable to a traditional 2K HMI, putting out 31,000 Lux at 1m. Matt tested the Aputure COB 120d and found it to be very colour accurate, so the omens are good for the 300d.

Aputure COB 300d price and availability

Aputure are putting the finishing touches to the COB 300d and are expecting to be shipping in the next three months for under $1,000 US. We’ll be putting it through its paces when it launches to see how it stacks up.

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