NAB NY 2016: Brother AirScouter heads-up monitor now shipping

We got a look at the Brother AirScouter monitor back at NAB in April, and now they’re actually shipping.

They say the 720p monitor, which sits in front of one eye but doesn’t block your view, is ideal for drone pilots trying to meet the Part 107 requirements to maintain visual contact with your UAV, while also being able to monitor the video feed. It has an HDMI interface via a belt box with batteries to power it.

Brother AirScouter WD-200B
Brother AirScouter WD-200B

The image on the screen isn’t bad but we couldn’t try it under outdoor lighting conditions.  I suspect it would take some time for your brain to get used to processing both a monitor image and real life at the same time.

The other update is the price: they were selling it at the NAB New York show for $999 US.

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