NAB 2016: Brother AirScouter WD-200B head-mount display

airscouter eye

Brother International is showing its AirScouter WD-200B head-mount display at NAB 2016.

The AirScouter is an HDMI 720p eyepiece worn like the Google Glass that will let you monitor your gimbal or drone (or your overhead or low-angle shot) with full side vision.  It’s a small semi-transparent display in front of one eye that is surprisingly bright and sharp.  I’m not sure you could pull focus with it but you could use it while running with your gimbal and still see where you’re going.

I try out a prototype of the AirScouter display
I try out a prototype of the AirScouter display
AirScouter battery and interface
AirScouter battery and interface

The headset plugs into a box with batteries and a full-size HDMI interface. Brother claims the headset works in sunlight, though the room where I looked at it was indoors and I couldn’t get a sense of how it would be outdoors.

The AirScouter is not a dedicated camera accessory – it’s used for medical and industrial applications – so it has decent build quality.

AirScouter WD-300S

The AirScouter WD-300B will ship this summer for around $1,400 US.




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