NAB 2016: Hoodman make Aviator sun hoods for iPhone and iPad aimed at drone users

At NAB is Las Vegas Hoodman were showing custom screen shades designed to work on your tablet or smartphone. They are called Aviator hoods because the most obvious use for is for flying drones. You can of course use the hood in any scenario where you are trying to see your device’s screen while outside in the sunlight.

There are several different sized hoods that cover anything from an iPad Pro down to a iPhone 6.


The hood comes in two sections, one that attaches to the phone or tablet, the other is an optional extension that allows you to view the screen with both eyes from a comfortable distance. The hood doesn’t require anything to be glued or stuck on to stay in place – there are simple elasticated straps to secure it.

A nice touch is the panel on the lower part of the shade that allows you to put your fingers inside to adjust settings on the device.

For more details visit the Hoodman website.

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