Interbee 2015: Technical Farm rosette mount, C300 Mark II rig and B4 to PL/EF custom lens support


Boutique design company Technical Farm had several interesting products on display on their booth at Interbee. The first was a simple but very useful rosette mount that can attach to the opposite side of your tripod head. It features a 1/4 20″ thread at one end and a 3/8″ on the other. This is extremely useful for mounting accessories such as monitors to your tripod head. I tested out the mount and it had no problem supporting a large 7″ monitor.


Also on display was one of the most unusual lens mount supporting systems I have ever seen. Designed to work with the company’s B4 2/3″ to PL/EF adapter, the hard perspex mount encases the adapter and allows for the entire camera and lens combination to be raised off the tripod plate. The support also had the ability to add slide through 15mm rods as well as multiple mounting holes for accessories.


They have definitely thought outside of the box with this design and while it is unusual, the design actually makes a lot of sense. There was no indication of pricing or availability just yet.


Finally they were also showcasing a new Canon C300 Mark II rig that featured an adjustable sliding shoulder support system, handles, and rod and lens support. For pricing and availability head over to the Technical Farm website for more information.


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