CAME-TV Multifunctional Shock Absorber Arm


CAME-TV has announced its new Multifunctional Shock Absorber Arm that was designed for use with cameras such as the DJI Pocket 2, Pocket 3, OSMO, GOPRO, 360 action cameras, and smartphones.

This shock absorber arm comes with a standard 1/4-20″ screw hole for mounting, and a 4.3″ suction cup with a 180 degree adjustability on the arm.

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The arm also comes with an adjustable shock absorption spring, allowing users to easily adjust the spring tension according to the camera equipment and shooting environment used.

The powerful suction cup can firmly attach to the surface of a car and it is claimed to remain stable even at high speeds.

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If you need to mount the shock absorber arm on a motorcycle or other vehicles, simply remove the suction cup and use the multiple differently sized screw holes preset on the arm to easily meet various installation needs.

The weight of the shock absorber arm is 882.4g / 1.94 lbs. CAME-TV doesn’t specify what the payload capacity of the arm is, but it is safe to assume that you should stick to action cameras, phones, etc.

Price & Availability

The CAME-TV Multifunctional Shock Absorber Arm is now available to purchase for $138 USD.

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Closest competition arguably comes in the form of the MOVMAX Blade Stabilizer for DJI Pocket 3 & Action Cameras which costs $149 USD.

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