Aputure Releases LS 600c II– Brighter & IP54 Weather Rating

LS 600c II

Aputure has updated the Light Storm 600c that was announced at NAB 2022. The new LS 600c II has an all-new light engine design that dramatically increases output efficiency while maintaining power draw and color quality. I think we are seeing some of the techs from the Prolycht acquisition going into the current Aputure Light Storm fixtures.

IP54 2

Aputure states that the LS 600c Pro II significantly improves upon its predecessor with nearly double the brightness, higher flicker-free performance, smoother dimming, and IP54 weather resistance–updates.

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Aputure made these updates following valuable customer input. The LS 600c Pro II fits seamlessly into the Aputure ecosystem, using standard accessories to increase usability and performance, with the ability to control lights wirelessly via the Sidus Link app.

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The stated increased brightness–up to 85% also comes from using the F10 fresnel lens. The Aputure Light Storm 600c Pro II is a color-tunable point source COB light. Its Bowens mount can accept modifiers to become a fresnel, a soft light, a projector, or a hard open-face par. Add its portable size, dual battery mounts, and CRMX/DMX/Bluetooth connectivity, and the LS 600c Pro II becomes the continuous light source that can truly do it all, no matter the conditions on set.

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Key improvements

  • Stated increased output–up to 85% brighter: The LS 600c Pro II has a new light engine design that dramatically increases output efficiency while maintaining power draw and color quality. A new formulation of LED emitters raises the output of the bare light by 35%. The new design is even better with modifiers, yielding 82% more light when used with the included Hyper-Reflector and 70-85% more when paired with the F10 fresnel.
  • IP54 Weatherproofing: Head-to-toe IP54 dust and weather protection means the LS 600c Pro II can work in extreme environments. New seals on every connector and around components allow the lamphead, control box and cabling to be used outdoors in severe weather, shining daylight into windows even during rain.
  • All in the Aputure family: The LS 600c Pro II works with all Aputure accessories, using the same Bowens mount modifiers, and can be controlled using Sidus Link. The light offers all of the features of its predecessor while improving output, flicker, and dimming. It will fit perfectly into customers’ kits with ease, requiring no learning curve.

Newsshooter.com is in LA and will be at Cine Gear 2024. We will visit the Aputure booth to learn more about the exciting new Aputure LS 600c II.

Pricing & Availability

The Aputure LS 600c II retals for $2490 USD and is available in either Gold Mount or V-mount options.

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