Tilta Hydra Arm Motorized Slider

Tilta has announced its new Hydra Arm Motorized Slider. This essentially allows you to do two things with the Hydra Arm depending on how it is mounted. You can either lower or raise the height of the Hydra arm smoothly while a vehicle is in motion, or conversely, have it move backward or forward or side to side if it is mounted horizontally on a car.

The system mounts to a vehicle via Tow Hook or Hitch Adapter and utilizes 50mm Speed Rail with suction cups to increase stability. For added flexibility, the slider and shock-absorbing arm are available as a separate purchase.

When used with optional accessories, the system can be mounted the roof of a vehicle without the shock absorbing arm for broadcast purposes such as marathons or cycling events.

Endure Extreme Conditions

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The shock-absorbing arm and slider are made of aerospace-grade aluminum alloy and 304 stainless steel, allowing for a wide range of operating temperatures from -30℃ to 80℃ (-22℉ to 176℉). The system is resilient to extreme weather condition such as wind, rain, and snow.

The shock absorbing arm can dampen vibration on multiple axes and supports up to 66 lbs. The shock absorbing head comes with a DJI Ronin 2 mounting plate which makes it a good option for that gimbal.

New Slider Control Handle

Hydra Arm Motorized Slider

The slider comes with a control handle and control terminal, enabling remote operation of the slider via a wired or wireless connection from inside the vehicle.

Through these control options, users can adjust speed, damping, set A/B points and program the slider to reach these points at specific time intervals without user input. Additionally, the system also supports future firmware upgrades.

Relatively Easy to Transport

Hydra Arm Motorized Slider

The slider comes in three parts and weighs 50 kg (110.2 lbs). The system fits into three compact cases and can be stored away in standard sized vehicles for transportation.


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Above you can see what remote heads it is compatible with.


Hydra Arm Motorized Slider

The system requires the use of four 14.8V camera batteries. Four 270Wh (18600mAh) batteries can support a full day of shooting.

Quick Elevation

Hydra Arm Motorized Slider

The slider can travel from its highest to lowest point in just 4 seconds. It descends at a rate of 0.45 meters per second. The slider can reach up to 5.9′ / 1.8m in height.

Automatic Magneto-Rheological Damping

Hydra Arm Motorized Slider

The shock absorber arm can be equipped with an automatic Magnetorheological Damper, derived from cutting-edge automotive industry technology, with millisecond-level response, providing smoother footage. (Coming soon)

All-Weather Honeycomb Rubber Damping Blocks

Hydra Arm Motorized Slider

The shock absorbing arm utilizes EPDM (aging-resistant rubber) for its damping material, ensuring effective reduction of high-frequency vibrations regardless of temperature fluctuations.

Tension Spring Shock Absorption

Hydra Arm Motorized Slider

The shock-absorbing arm utilizes the tension spring design from the Steadicam, resulting in a more linear and smoother operation.

Directly Used On A 50mm Chassis

Hydra Arm Motorized Slider

The shock absorber arm comes with multiple 50mm speed rail adapters, which can be directly mounted on some vehicle models, such as the Can-Am Maverick X3, etc.

Hydra Arm Motorized Slider


Official customized services by Tilta are now available. Made-to-order for shooting situations, such as live broadcasting for events like marathons and cycling.

Price & Availability

The Tilta Hydra Arm Motorized Slider ranges in price from $4,999.00 – $10,999.00 USD depending on whether you are buying it as an add on or as a full kit.

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