Full Frame Camera Co. Sony FX6 monitor fix– Flop Stop

Flop Stop2

Full Frame Camera Co. has announced its Sony FX6 monitor fix called the Flop Stop.

Since the release of the FX6, users have been complaining about Sony’s monitor bracket. Not only does the monitor droop sideways with very little effort, but the bracket itself is insufficient to support the weight of a loupe, which a lot of people like to use with the camera.

I mentioned this issue in my Sony FX6 review back in March 2021. As soon as you attach the optional loupe to the LCD screen it just wants to move by itself because the LCD mount is so weak. It doesn’t matter how tightly you lock it off, it still wants to move.

Flop Stop2

Key features

  • Made of machined aluminum
  • Weighs only 49 grams
  • No monitor disassembly required
  • Fits in seconds
  • Monitor free to rotate to any angle
  • Over 11kg of magnetic force
  • Supports the FS7 or FX9 loupe
Flop Stop1

Full Frame Camera Co. spent 2 years coming up with a solution that has a tongue-in-cheek name – Flop Stop. According to the company, it is the smallest, lightest, and most affordable solution that addresses the dreaded droop.

It is machined from lightweight aluminum for rigidity and it weighs in at just 49g / 1.72 oz. The Flop Stop was designed to fit snugly over the original monitor bracket to support the weight of a loupe and simultaneously prevent the monitor from drooping sideways.

By reinforcing the original monitor bracket rather than replacing it, the design is far more compact, lightweight, and therefore more cost-effective than any other solution currently on the market as it doesn’t add any size or bulk to your camera rig. It also does not require disassembling the monitor or sending the camera to a service center for modification.

The design utilizes 32 ultra-strong neodymium magnets with a combined pulling force of nearly 12kg to support a loupe. The Flop Stop has 16 positions of rotation, plus the monitor bracket itself can still be adjusted with the original thumbscrew for solid and comfortable viewing at any angle.

The Flop Stop was designed to support both FX9 and FS7 loupes however users have reported compatibility with the Zacuto Z-finder too.

The Flop Stop joins its smaller sibling, the Flop Stop Mini, which was designed for users who do not use a loupe but still wish to prevent the monitor from drooping sideways.

Price & avalability

The Full Frame Camera Co. Sony FX6 monitor fix– Flop Stop is now available for £119.

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