Simmod Lens announces Tray-mounted & Screw-in Diopters

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Simmod Lens announces two new lines of cinema-grade glass Diopters. A premium 4 x 5.65 tray-mounted set of quick change diopters designed for use in a matte box and an affordable range of 95mm screw-in Diopters that work with various cine and photo lenses. Diopters are an increasingly important part of the modern cinematographer’s toolkit. A Diopter allows any lens to focus closer while maintaining its character and is useful when shooting close-ups that require a shallow depth of field. Diopters are especially useful with anamorphic lenses, which usually have limited close-focus abilities, but can also be used with spherical lenses.


Front-mounted diopters are a cost-effective way to get close-up shots compared to a dedicated macro lens and can also be a timesaver on fast-paced shoots by eliminating the need to switch lenses. Simmod Lens has created a set of high-grade diopters mounted in a custom aluminum 4 x 5.65 frame for use in popular matte boxes. They allow for quick changes on-set. Some on the market are precisely cut to fit into the frame, with the diopter extending to each corner. Rivals install a round diopter into a frame, which adds unwanted weight and bulk.


The Simmod 4 x 5.65 Diopters are available in +0.5, +1.0, and +2.0 strengths; each has 14 layers of advanced Nano and Anti-reflective coatings on each side. A red anodized handle can be mounted on top or the side of the tray when using a side-loading matte box for ease of operation.


Designed to be used with industry-standard matte boxes like the ARRI LMB or Bright Tangerine Misfit Kick each diopter occupies 2 filter slots due to the bulbous nature of the elements. If you have enough slots on your mattebox you can stack Simmod 4 x 5.65 with other filters. To achieve consistent performance between the differing diopter strengths, the +2.0 uses an achromatic design.


The +0.5 and +1.0 versions cost $489 US each, and the +2.0 is $589 US. they are available for purchase today.

Simmod Lens 95mm screw-in Diopters


The Simmod Lens 95mm screw-in +0.5, +1, and +2 strength diopters are manufactured to the highest tolerances using premium grade Schott BK7 glass with an index similar to cine lens elements. Each side of the lens is coated with 14 layers of Multi-Resistant Nano Coating (MRC).


Each diopter is built for professional use, with the ring constructed of electroplated brass. This reduces the likelihood of the ring getting stuck on the lens. Some filter rings use aluminum, which is softer than brass and can deform, is more likely to pick up dirt, and can result in galling or binding with the lens thread.


The diopters are 95mm threaded front and back, which allows for the addition of further filters or stacking for transport.


They are easily adapted to smaller thread sizes using step-down rings or can be mounted to a Simmod Lens’ patented SIMTray Filter Adapter for use in a standard 4 x 5.65 holder or matte box. The SIMTray is made of 4mm thick aluminum and has a 95mm threaded cutout that allows a filter, or in this case a diopter, to be mounted.

This versatility in mounting, combined with being relatively lightweight, makes the Simmod Lens 95mm Diopters suited to mid to small-sized Cine lenses and photo lenses.


The Simmod Lens 95mm Diopter +0.5 and +1 cost $149 US and the +2 costs $189 US. See the Simmod Lens website to order.


Aluminum ID tag and felt case included. Each Simmod diopter comes in a felt case with a velcro-backed aluminum ID tag with the filter value clearly displayed.

Simmod Lens was founded by award-winning cinematographer and vintage lens enthusiast Ron Sim CSC. Simmod Lens has grown into one of the most well-known and trusted lens modding companies. In recent months it has invested heavily in new R&D, machinery, and premises that allow for precision work at a larger scale.

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