Tilta Gravity Remote Head

At NAB 2023 Tilta was showing a prototype of its Gravity Remote Head. This looks like quite an innovative way to make adjustments to lights that are out of reach.

Essentially the Gravity Remote Head is a mounting frame with a motor that you attach to the light. The whole concept is to be able to remotely control the position of your light by using the recently announced Nucleus Nano II.

Tilta Gravity Remote Head 389

The Gravity Remote Head is powered via either a V-mount or AB Gold mount battery.

Currently, the first prototype only works with the ARRI Orbiter, however, Tilta has plans to make various versions that will work with different-sized lights. These versions will be able to handle payloads of between 6-30kg depending on what version you are using.

The Gravity Remote Head can currently control the pan and tilt, but Tilta is looking into different control options such as something that could auto-track a subject that is moving.

Remote lighting control isn’t a new concept and solutions such as Matthews Litemover.

It will be interesting to see how Tilta handles the problem of making versions that work with various lights. Pricing will also be interesting to see, but knowing Tilta, it will be competitively priced.

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