RED KOMODO Version 1.7.0beta Firmware Update

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RED has released a Version 1.7.0beta firmware update for the KOMODO. New additions in this firmware release include a new ELQ R3D Quality recording option, compatibility with Frame.io and S3 Cloud uploads, better AF performance, and accelerometer and gyro data that gets embedded in the R3D files.


  • Added ELQ R3D Quality
  • Added Cloud Upload capability (Frame.io and S3)
  • Added Autofocus improvements
  • Added accelerometer and gyro data to R3D
  • Added Gio Scope
  • Added enhanced Timecode behavior
  • Added Timecode Out
  • Added External Only Audio over SDI Improvements
  • Added Sensor Sync Shift
  • Added PTP Timecode Support
  • Added ‘Basic’ Overlay Mode
  • Added ‘Standard’ Overlay Mode
  • Added Overlay Opacity
  • Added Guide Pixel Dimensions in UI
  • Added User assignable Low Voltage Warning over SDI
  • Added RCP2 external lens data support
  • Added RCP2 support for sensor time and exposure time
  • Added Play/Pause indicators in Playback
  • Added USB drive support for logs, presets and calibration files
  • Fixed ‘Forget’ not clearing cached network password
  • Fixed lowest Lens aperture not displayed in UI
  • Fixed livestream freezing after changing format
  • Fixed Playback button with button lock

Known issue in 1.7.0beta

  • Low Voltage Warning over SDI will occur with the use of any BP style batteries
  • Warning message will occur with unapproved Media and Batteries


  1. Copy the upgrade folder (containing the upgrade.bin file) to the top directory on the CFast card.
  2. Power up the camera and insert a CFAST card into the KOMODO media slot.
  3. Go to Menu > Maintenance > Upgrade and select OK.
  4. The camera initiates a 2 stage upgrade process which will automatically restart the camera.
  5. After the camera restarts to complete the upgrade process, select RESTART once it appears.
  6. Go to Menu > System Settings > System Status > Camera Info to verify the firmware version after the camera boots.

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