ARRI LLS-1 Small Pin

Screenshot 2022 12 23 at 9 48 17 AM

ARRI is now including a new small pin in its LLS-1 Lightweight Lens Support, along with the standard long pin.

Screenshot 2022 12 23 at 9 53 20 AM

The new small pin that comes with the LLS-1 is a welcome addition because it solves several issues. Firstly, you can use it instead of the long pin so you won’t have it sitting too low below your 15mm rods, which is a problem if you want to put the camera down on the ground or on a table, etc. It also comes with a small washer so there is no chance of over-tightening it on a lens and it getting jammed.

Screenshot 2022 12 23 at 9 52 16 AM

The small pin now comes standard with the LLS-1 kit, although if you happen to already own one you can purchase it separately.

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