CAME-TV Wireless Power Dolly

CAME-TV has released its range of Wireless Power Dolly systems. The CAME-TV Power Dolly System with Remote, Motor & Dolly provides a motorized dolly that allows you to move your camera and tripod wirelessly with the included handheld remote.

You can create straight or curved camera motions on flat surfaces. There are 10 different speed levels to choose from as well as an A-B loop that allows for setting start and end points and looping between them.

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The kits are available with straight and curved rails and for those that already have rails or want to save on shipping costs, there is a kit available without rails.

Key features

  • Frequency: 2.4G
  • Transmitter: Built-in 3.7v/1000mah Battery
  • Receiver:External Battery Rated Voltage 14.8v
  • Max.Payload: 20KG
  • Max.Speed: 22s/m
  • Min.Speed: 160s/m
  • Movement Distance: Unlimited

All you need to do to use it is to open up the tripod support base and lock it in place.

Screenshot 2022 12 08 at 11 49 02 AM

You then insert your tripod legs into the assigned spots and adjust a locking mechanism until it is tight. Now, CAME-TV’s illustration shows a small tripod with a rubber foot on it. I am not sure how it would work with more common professional tripods.

To power the Dolly you need to put a V-mount battery onto the plate that is attached to one of the wheel mounts.

Screenshot 2022 12 08 at 11 49 22 AM

The track that comes in most of the kits features a magnetic connection.

There are 4 different kits you can choose from:

Kit 1:Power Dolly System With Remote + Motor & Dolly (POWER-DOLLY-KIT) $766 USD

Kit 2:Power Dolly System With Remote + Motor + Dolly + 8 Pcs Straight Rails & 6 Curved Rails (JX300B-431-POWER) $1188 USD

Kit 3:Power Dolly System With Remote + Motor + Dolly + 8 Pcs Straight Rails & 12 Curved Rails (JX300B-461-POWER) $1288 USD

Kit 4:Power Dolly System With Remote + Motor + Dolly + 8 Pcs Straight Rails & 20 Curved Rails (JX300B-4101-POWER) $1488 USD

This looks to be an interesting system, but I haven’t tested it so I have no idea how smooth the motion would be, or how loud it is. Usually, with motorized dolly systems, you need a very flat surface to get decent results.

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