How to use S-Log3 & Cine EI with the Sony FX30

Sony has released a video that is designed to educate and inform users of the new FX30 about how to work with S-Log3 and Cine EI.

SONY FX30 91 1

If you want to see my first look at the Sony FX30 you can click here.

SONY FX30 118

I am glad Sony has done this. I mentioned to them during a product briefing that as the FX30 is being targeted toward more entry-level users they should make an educational video that clearly shows you how to work when shooting in Cine EI as it can be confusing.

The video consists of two parts.

Part 1: How to create impressive movies using S-Log3
Part 2: How to create higher quality movies using the Cine EI

00:00 Opening
00:37 1. Shooting with S-Log3
01:24 S-Log3 – shooting (Flexible ISO)
02:51 S-Log3 – Display LUT
04:15 S-Log3 – grading (metadata)
06:18 2. High quality images using Cine EI
08:27 Cine EI – settings (Base ISO)
09:30 Cine EI – shooting
10:27 Cine EI – grading (metadata)
11:49 Cine EI – advantages
12:20 Closing

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