The CHAUVET Cast Tube is a compact battery-powered lighting solution. This RGB tube light has a 110° beam spread, magnetic base, and an OLED display.

The light is Kelvin color temperature adjustable from 2700 to 7200K and it can output around 40lux at a distance of 2m / 6.6′.

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There are 13 preset Kelvin color temperatures you can choose from as well as 15 different operating modes. As CHAUVET makes lights for the entertainment industry there is also a ton of pre-programmable lighting effects and sound modes where the light can change colors depending on the beat of the music.

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The light also comes with the IRC-6 remote.

If you are not familiar with CHAUVET, they are very well known in the entertainment industry, but after the acquisition of Kino Flo in September 2021, they looking to expand further into TV and Film applications.

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The CHAUVET Cast Tube weighs in at 300g / 10.58 oz and it has physical dimensions of 9.8″ x 1.7″ x 1.5″ / 25cm x 4.2cm x 3.8cm.

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The light is made up of 30 RGB LEDs, 68 CW (cyan and white) LEDs, and 68 WW (warm white) LEDs. The input voltage is 5 VDC, 2 A.

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The Cast Tube features an in-built battery that is claimed to be able to run for up to 2 hours at full output and it takes around 2 hours to fully recharge. There is a USB-C input that you can use to charge or power the light.

Key features

  • Compact, Battery Powered Tube Light
  • Mini Tripod, Wireless Remote
  • Magnetic Base, OLED Display
  • RGB Mode for a Myriad of Colors
  • 110° Beam Spread
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Price & Availability

The CHAUVET Cast Tube reatils for $149.99 USD.

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