SmallHD PageOS 5 Firmware v5.0.0-Beta-3

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SmallHD has updated the PageOS 5 Firmware to v5.0.0-Beta-3. This is the third Beta release of v.5.0.0 and it fixes a couple of bugs that were found in v5.0.0-Beta-2. Further beta releases are expected to be provided in the coming weeks.

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Beta-3 Supports all monitors except the DSMC3 RED Touch and Action 5 or legacy monitors (DP1, DP6, DP4, AC7, and DP7-PRO). There are known bugs with v5.0.0 Beta (see complete list below before installing). There may also be some unknown bugs with v5.0.0 Beta which you can report to the following email address: [email protected]

Beta 2 Issues Resolved by Beta 3

  • VISION 24 monitors flicker on SDI video, roughly every 8 seconds
  • 4K Production Monitors: SDI->HDMI cross conversion does not work with 2048×1080 resolution video
  • SDI->HDMI cross conversion has BEEN REMOVED. Only HDMI loop-through is supported.
  • This will be added back in at a future date (Timeline TBD)
  • HDMI Output does not work when viewing the Multiview Page on 4K Production Monitors
  • Luma Histogram bars may be colored on some Multiview windows
  • Aborting VISION calibration pre-maturely may leave the backlight in an altered state
  • Legal Range LUT selection now works
  • Resolved red boxes appearing around video on Multiview Page
  • Fixed Peaking Tool not applying when the monitor boots
  • Recommended Practices
  • Connect third-party external recorders directly downstream of your source device (i.e. camera), not downstream of the monitor

Known Issues in Beta 3

  • Waveform does not work on 4K monitors when positioned at the top of the screen (a workaround is to move the waveform to the bottom of the screen)
  • Multiview Video may momentarily flicker on 4K production monitors
  • CalMAN integration has not been finalized and fully validated
  • 4K Production Monitors do not work with 10-bit video from a Murideo color generator (a workaround it to use a different source)
  • 4K Production Monitors cannot display 59.98 FPS video from a Black Magic Ultrastudio (a workaround is to use a different frame rate)
  • 720p SDI video does not work on 4K Production Monitors (a workaround is to use a different resolution)
  • 1300 & 1700 Series Production Monitors have an artifact on the right side of the display

New Features (OS 5 Beta)

  • Look-Around Camera Control
  • HDMI Out enabled for 4K Production Monitors (allows adding a 3D LUT to Output)
  • Multi-View on 4K Production Monitors
  • VISION monitors support dual-view
  • All other 4K production monitors support up to quad-view
  • Added a Horizon Indicator Tool (Add Tool > Frame > Horizon Level)
  • EL Zone Tool
  • Option in the Exposure Assist tool. Only works when using a LOG Color Pipe
  • Image Capture can’t currently capture the EL Zone tool
  • Added Touch Screen Function Buttons to touch screen monitors
  • Active 4K TX can now be assigned to a function button
  • Allows using function buttons to change between paired transmitters
  • Switch from tri-linear to tetrahedral LUT interpolation
  • Added support for 33pt Calibration LUTs on 4K Production Monitors
  • 4K Production Monitor Speakers are now enabled
  • Added configurable low voltage warning on 4K Production Monitors
  • Color Pipes can be assigned to function buttons
  • Allow users to assign unique calibrations to Color Pipes
  • Improvements and Alterations:
  • Updated ARRI LOG conversion support
  • Added support for ARRI LOGC4
  • Updated conversion LUTs for LOGC->SDR and LOGC->HDR
  • Custom backdrops are now removed by a factory reset

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