Tilta Hydra-Arm Mini First Look

The Tilta Hydra-Arm Mini is a portable, lightweight, and relatively easy-to-use system for filming vehicles. The system fits in three cases and attaches to the top of any car.

It was designed and built to work with the RS 3 PRO, RS 2, Ronin 4D, Ronin MX, and Freefly MOVI Pro Stabilizer.

The Hydra-Arm Mini features a lightweight counterweight-free design with a self-stabilizing arm. The arm length is 152in / 387cm and the max height is 177in / 450cm.

Screenshot 2022 06 15 at 11 22 53 PM

The maximum payload capacity of the system is 22.05lbs / 10kg (including gimbal) which means you are only going to be able to use it with small-sized digital cinema cameras and hybrid mirrorless options.

Screenshot 2022 06 15 at 11 20 38 PM

It has a speed at high/low angle: 80° per 1.7 sec. and a Speed moving angle: 360° per 6 sec.

The Hydra-Arm Mini can be checked in as luggage when traveling by air. The whole system weighs 154lbs / 70kg (approximate weight, not including gimbal or camera), but that is separated into three different cases. The packing dimensions are 39.37in x 19.69in x 15.75in.

The Hydra-Arm Mini will be shipping in July and pricing will start from $9,999 USD. While this sounds like a lot of money, it is a relatively affordable solution when you compare it to other solutions that are on the market.

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