LiteGear Aurosis

The LiteGear Aurosis is a full-color overhead light source that combines high-quality color rendition and precision control in an easy-to-use package.

Powered by LiteGear’s Spectrum technology, Auroris is built with 24 large format pixels, creating a pixel mappable source that can cover a 100 Square Foot (ft²) / 9.29 Square Meter (m²) area.

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Aurosis is available in two different sizes:

  • Aurosis X- 10′ x 10′ (3m x 3m)
  • Aurosis V– 5′ x 5′ (1.5m x 3m)
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LiteGear’s Spectrum color technology is capable of producing high-quality white light from 2,000K to 11,000K and wide-gamut hue selection with full spectrum desaturation. This color control is spread over 24 individual large format pixels in the Auroris X model and 12 individual large format pixels in the Auroris V.

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Above you can see how much output the Auroris X has at various Kelvin color temperature settings, with and without diffusion at a range of distances.

Aurosis was designed to be lightweight for a fixture of this size and easy to rig. The whole concept behind Aurosis was to overcome difficulties when lighting in locations with low ceilings and insufficient rigging points. LiteGear has made Aurosis into a low-profile system that weighs 30% less than other available rigs. At just 1″ / 2.54cm thin, Auroris can be used in softboxes that are only 12 inches deep, letting you recreate the light quality of a traditional softbox with just one-sixth of the space. It’s now possible to fill an entire production studio with Auroris units that easily join to create seamless ceilings or walls of soft, even light.

While Auroris may be very thin, the Auroris X model with the power supply/controller weighs in at 58.1kg / 114lb and it draws 1400W. One Auroris X system includes the Auroris X head, two 25 ft header cables, two LiteDimmer Spectrum AC600s, and two main power cables.

According to LiteGear, two people can set up an Auroris X in less than 20 minutes. It is as simple as unfolding Auroris on the ground, attaching it to your rigging structure with integrated straps, and then hoisting it into the air. Every Auroris is equipped with heavy-duty webbing and locking buckles so you don’t need additional zip ties or complex rigging hardware.

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A grid of 10 Auroris X fixtures can cover 1,000 square feet, unlike competing overhead products that require 40 units for similar coverage. With high LED density and 24 light engines, one Auroris X unit can replace four or more comparable lighting fixtures.

Auroris is IP20 rated which means it is not water or weatherproof. However, due to Auroris low heat emission, a simple waterproof tarp can be secured to the back of Auroris to enable rainwater to roll right off.

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The LiteDimmer Spectrum AC600 is is the controller and power supply for Auroris. Complete with local control and new communication protocols, this dimmer can control 12 large format pixels. It was specially designed with advanced processing power, integrated Ethernet switch, expanded memory, and a faster processor, this new hardware allows for Ethernet-based communication protocols such as Art-Net and sACN, advanced color control, and cutting-edge software features. An integrated USB-A port allows for easy updates in the future.

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As Auroris was designed with flexibility in mind it can be utilized and rigged in any way you desire with its wide range of accessories. You can choose from components such as ladder truss, diffusion and skirt, teaser, SnapGrids, road case, safety accessories, and more.

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Price & Availability

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Auroris X will start shipping in May 2022. Auroris V will start shipping in August 2022. Pre-orders are now being taken. Auroris X retails for $25,990.00 USD.

This looks like a great product for larger-sized studios.

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