Kupo Microphone Boom Holder

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The Kupo Microphone Boom Holder, as the name would suggest, allows users to attach a boompole to a grip head that can then be placed on a C-stand or other types of stands.

These types of products are pretty useful if you are working as a solo operator or in a small crew where you need to position a fixed microphone out of shot.

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Key features

  • Designed for securely and easily mounting microphone booms on c-stands when using a grip head.
  • Rubberized mounts for the fishpole to rest on for reduced vibration and contact with metal directly.
  • Supplied with 2 magnets one on each end to store on side of stand when not in use.
  • Chrome Steel construction with textured surface for increased holding power when used in a grip head
  • Limited two-year warranty

This product is hardly a new concept or idea. There are lots of similar products on the market that do the same job as the Kupo.

Price & Availability

The Kupo Microphone Boom Holder retails for $53.95 USD.

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