The Power of the Dog Cinematography

The Power of the Dog

On the latest Go Creative Show podcast, Ari Wegner ACS, The Power of the Dog director of photography shares how her cinematography communicates loneliness in the Oscar-nominated Netflix film.

Ari and Go Creative Show host, Ben Consoli, discuss techniques for realistic eyelights, why the amount of prep time can be a red flag, filming wide landscapes with long lenses, and other interesting elements about the film.

You can listen to the whole episode above.


  • The importance of prep time (01:08)
  • Value of a good director and DP relationship (05:12)
  • Visually-communicating loneliness (10:13)
  • Creating eyelight in dark environments (13:42)
  • Pairing the Alexa Mini LF with Ultra Panatar lenses (20:46)
  • Shooting wide vistas with long lenses (27:33)
  • Lighting contrast ratio for THE POWER OF THE DOG (32:43)
  • Creating tension visually (35:42)
  • The locations of THE POWER OF THE DOG (52:57)
  • Crafting a “rewatchable” film (57:38)

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