Deity releases VO-7U Dynamic USB Microphone

VO 7U featured

Today, Deity released the new affordable VO-7U Dynamic USB Microphone designed to offer a natural sound profile without the artificial bass response common in many microphones.

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They found that many users had to add low-cut filters to their voices while using the current lineup of dynamic microphones on the market today using the bundled software.

This can be a hassle if you want to join a simple video call. Deity’s goal was to keep it simple without the extra steps of bundled software and be compatible with more operating systems, such as the Chromebook or a web-based streaming app.

Frequency Response

Screen Shot 2022 02 17 at 7 08 05 AM

Polar Pattern

Screen Shot 2022 02 17 at 7 08 13 AM

VO-7U Key features

  • Supercardiod Pickup Patten
  • Large Diaphragm Dynamic Capsule
  • 24-bit / 48kHz uncompressed lossless audio
  • Adjustable gain, mute, and headphone volume
  • Adjustable RGB lighting effects
  • Latency free headphone monitoring
Screen Shot 2022 02 17 at 7 25 30 AM

Deity states that the VO-7U is a hardware-driven microphone featuring onboard headphone controls, gain controls, and a built-in hardware analog limiter. Even if you’re streaming or recording using an Android phone, MacBook or iPad, every feature is available. Users are not restricted to the Windows platform.
The VO-7U is compatible with OBS Studio, Zoom, Skype, Discord, Twitch, StreamYard, Riverside.FM, Audacity, and more.

Gamer Girl White Microphone Cat Ears

The VO-7U Includes an onboard hardware analog limiter to prevent audio distortion when the user changes the level of speech. Podcasting is more conversational, and having the limiter means you can raise your voice without concern.

12 LED Presets

RGB Gamer Microphone

For some flare, the VO-7U has LED lights on the front of the microphone with 12 presets. The LED ring is off by default. You can adjust the brightness of the LED ring with a long press of the headphone volume knob.
360 degree RGB slow spinning, RGB slow-wave, white, purple, red, candle effect, yellow, neon green, ocean waves, cyberpunk, breathing light effect, and heart-shaped waterfall

Kits and Pricing

Available in both black and white in two kit configurations. A solo version retails for $169. USD and as a podcasting kit with included boom arm for $199. USD The VO-7U is available for pre-order starting today.

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