Kupo Swivel Junior Receiver Adapter

The Kupo Swivel Junior Receiver Adapter is a clever new product that solves a real-world problem when using softboxes or barndoors on large LED lights that utilize a junior pin.

The Kupo KS-207 comes with a male 1-1/8″ pin (28mm) at one side that has been designed to drop into a combo stand junior receiver.

On the other end is a swivel female 1-1/8″ receiver with a rosette mechanism that allows you to tilt the adapter in 30-degree increments. This gives you more range of motion for tilting the light when you have a softbox, other lighting modifiers, or barn doors on. It is also ideal for rotating your lighting fixture from a horizontal to a vertical position.

What you need to be very conscious of when using this adapter is that you are placing the weight further away from the center of the light stand so you need to use a very heavy-duty light stand and make sure you place the appropriate amount of weight on the legs on the opposite side so that it doesn’t fall over. You also want to make sure that the light is sitting directly over the front leg.

The Kupo Swivel Junior Receiver Adapter is constructed from heavy-duty iron casting and it weighs 1.62kg (3.6lbs).

Price & Availability

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The Kupo Swivel Junior Receiver Adapter isn’t listed on B&H yet, but it should be soon. I don’t have a price currently available, once I find out one I will update this post.

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