Aputure Sidus Link 1.5 app for iPad now free, plus multiple subscription plans

The Sidus Link app is a very handy app for controlling Aputure lights and it can do more than just turn them on and adjust output. You can create presets and FX plus change the colors or temperature settings on the fixture. I love the Sidus Link. It makes tuning the settings fast and easy. I prefer using the app on my iPad as the larger interface is nice and I don’t have to deal with incoming calls to distract me.

The 1.5 iPad app update provides multiple subscription plans depending on what you need.

Pro Standard plan

Pro Standard plan unlocks all of the features currently available on the app, including Smart Console, Diagram Master™, and Magic Program™.

Pro Premium plan

The Pro Premium plan includes all Pro Standard features and expands CC Collaboration functionality. You can create up to 5 CC Groups each with simultaneous scene control for up to 10 crew members.

Pro Team plan

The Pro Team plans take it one step further, giving enterprise-level functionality and granting Pro Premium access to up to 30 members of your Team CC Group.
Learn more at https://www.sidus.link/home

Subscription price

  • Pro Standard: $9.99/yearly
  • Pro Premium: $14.99/yearly
  • Pro Team (3 members): $26.99/yearly
  • Pro Team (5 members): $41.99/yearly
  • Pro Team (10members): $79.99/yearly
  • Pro Team (15 members): $109.99/yearly
  • Pro Team (20 members): $139.99/yearly
  • Pro Team (25 members): $169.99/yearly
  • Pro Team (30 members): $199.99/yearly

Note: If you purchased the Sidus Link app on the iPad before the subscriptions models were introduced, you will have lifetime access with all current and future features until 2099.

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