Hedge Extends Avid Editing Workflows into the Cloud

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Popular copy and verification software maker Hedge has released Postlab for Media Composer. This is a cloud-native solution that enables collaborative remote editing workflows for Avid editors.

Postlab has been available for Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro, on macOS.

Postlab serves as an extension to an on-premise Nexis or other Avid-compatible NAS/SAN storage. It was designed to eliminate cumbersome access gateways and high latency associated with cloud-media workflows.

Postlab for Media Composer is secure and doesn’t rely on slow and hard-to-configure VPNs. It allows editors to begin working immediately from anywhere, regardless of the speed of your internet connection. It has been designed to work well regardless of available bandwidth.

Postlab keeps the existing workspaces in sync and makes Avid’s useful Bin Locking feature work in the cloud so users can seamlessly collaborate on projects without overwriting each other’s work.

Postlab for Media Composer Key features

  • Immediate onboarding – Postlab has no middleware, storage restrictions, or other limiting factors. It’s a seamless transition from on-premise to cloud, with essential features and characteristics of your Nexis (or Avid compatible NAS/SAN) workflow intact.
  • Edit Even on Lightweight Connection – Postlab works with both fast and slow connections and where bandwidth is insufficient for real-time cloud operation, media files are prefetched and intelligently cached, so they’re available for immediate editing. Postlab’s Workspace feature also allows editors to cache a complete folder and its content locally, so only metadata and lock files require syncing, which is instantaneous.
  • Familiar Workspace and Collaboration – Postlab for Media Composer extends Nexis and traditional Avid NAS/SAN storage workflows into the cloud, providing editors a familiar workspace, and capabilities like Bin Locking ensure that editors can collaborate without overwriting important work – just as they’re used to.
  • Low Cloud Costs – Moving media files in and out of the cloud is often time-consuming and costly due to egress fees. Postlab for Media Composer cuts the costs along with the complexity of using the cloud through metadata and a “zero egress” policy; no hidden costs related to cloud storage – a rarity in a world dominated by Azure and AWS.
  • Scalable, Without Vendor Lock-In – Pay-as-you-go based model allows facilities to pay a basic monthly fee and then add additional Postlab users for as little as one day, increasing or decreasing both storage and users on an as-needed basis – essential for facilities working on dynamic productions and employing varying numbers of freelancers.

Postlab for Media Composer works for all Avid Media Composer Ultimate editors, whether they’re working on-premise or from home, and supports all types of storage—an on-prem Nexis system, NAS or SAN—or no on-prem storage at all. Hedge’s 15-day fully-functional trial lets facilities put Postlab for Media Composer to the test with zero upfront commitment.

Media Composer Ultimate customers who do not have a centralized NAS/SAN storage solution can fully leverage Drive, Postlab’s shared storage in the cloud. An integral part of the Postlab platform, Drive allows for editing straight from the cloud without requiring to download all media first. Drive scales with a team’s needs, ensuring you never pay for storage that’s being used.

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