No Time To Die Cinematography (with Linus Sandgren FSF ASC)

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On the Go Creative Show podcast, No Time To Die cinematographer Linus Sandgren FSF ASC talks about lighting, lensing, locations, and stunts on the latest Bond film.

Linus and Go Creative Show host, Ben Consoli, discuss finding the spirit of James Bond and using hand-held IMAX cameras to blend classic 007 storytelling with new filmmaking technologies.

Topics Covered

  • Visual approach to James Bond movies (00:51)
  • Pre-lighting sets using miniatures (07:58)
  • Shooting on IMAX handheld (13:41)
  • Grounding stunts in reality (21:31)
  • Filming in various locations around the world (24:59)
  • Challenges and logistics of No Time To Die (33:38)

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