RØDE Wireless GO II Updates

RØDE has launched two new updates for the Wireless GO II. The Wireless GO II can now be set up remotely via iOS and Android devices using the new RØDE Central Mobile app. The Wireless GO II can also now be used with RØDE Connect.

RØDE Central Mobile app

I am surprised that it has taken RØDE so long to bring out a mobile app for the Wireless GO II. Up until now, you had to plug a Wireless GO II directly into your computer to set up the internal recording and make changes. Finally, that is no longer the case and all of this can be done remotely in the field using the RØDE Central Mobile app. The app lets you switch between ‘Merged’ and ‘Split’ recording modes, allows you to adjust the gain setting, unlocks the fine gain control, and enables you to activates the safety channel.

Screen Shot 2021 10 15 at 9 36 12

While it is great that it is finally available, this really should have been something that was available when the product first launched.

RØDE Central Mobile is available to download for free here or from the App Store and Google Play. Please note that you must download the latest version of the RØDE Central desktop app and update your Wireless GO II firmware to use the RØDE Central Mobile app. 

RØDE Connect

The Wireless GO II can also now be used with RØDE Connect. This makes the Wireless GO II the only microphone of its kind to be fully integrated with podcasting or streaming software. Previously the only compatible microphone was the NT-USB Mini. The Wireless GO II when used with RØDE Connect allows you to podcast or stream on a computer with professional quality wireless audio.

Using the Wireless GO II with RØDE Connect is also ideal for podcasting applications where you require wireless audio, from recording interviews to casual podcasting setups.

Screen Shot 2021 10 15 at 9 36 04

RØDE Connect allows two Wireless GO IIs to be connected to a single computer. Each transmitter can be allocated to its own channel in the software for a total of four separate wireless audio streams, each with an individual level meter, as well as solo and mute buttons. The Wireless GO II can also be used in conjunction with the NT-USB Mini within RØDE Connect.

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